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Active filters

  • Power range: -65 to +10dBm (MP-60) or -50 to +26dBm (MP-80)
  • Power range: -75 to +26dBm

USB optical powermeter MP-60 & MP-80

MP-60/-80 Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meters with FiberChek Pro Integration.

  • Lightweight, small form-factor design for ultimateportability
  • Generates measurements in dB, milliwatt, and dBm
  • Automated data logging capabilities
  • Automatic wavelength detection
  • Compatible with FiberChek Pro fiber inspection and analysis software; integrated reporting capabilities within FiberChek Pro
  • Simple, accurate, and instant push-button measurement results can be electronically archived, logged, and printed
  • Dedicated for all single-mode and multimode applications including LAN, TELECOM, CATV, and DWDM testing