Fiber optic test & measurement

From simple power or continuity measurement to OSA, discover a complete solution through the many different VIAVI Solutions test equipment.

Fiber optic test & measurement 

  • Modular Platform test

    Thanks to its four modular test platforms, Viavi has the best versatyle solution to characterize fiber optic networks.

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

    OTDR measurement allows a complete certification of the physical layer of a fiber optic link, by differentiating the global loss of the link under test. This measurement is mandatory to check the deploiment quality of a fiber optic network, or in cas of troubleshooting.

    Throught itslarge range of OTDR modules, Viavi (formerly JDSU) offers the best solution to test the whole fiber optic network.
    May the fiber be singlemode or multimode, short or long distance, point to point or with splitters, and even with active fiber, Viavi has the test module adapted to your need.

  • Handheld optical powermeter

  • Handheld optical laser sources

  • GPON Certifier

    You need to install or troobleshoot a GPON network, find out the Viavi Solutions test equipment dedicated to this technology.

  • Optical fiber identifier

    Essential equipment to check if a fiber optic is in service without disconnecting it

  • Optical loss test set

    You need to measure the global loss of a fibre optic network, discover our solutions though the VIAVI optical powermeter kit