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  • Special offer on VIAVI Solutions Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe kit Fiberchek with 56tips.
    The kit includes

    • Automated Pass/Fail analysis probe with autofocus with EIC acceptance profiles
    • 6 tips to inspect 2.5mm PC and APC and 1.25mm PC ferule (FBPT-U25, FBPT-U12M, FBPT-U25MA, FBPT-SC, FBPT-LC and FBPT-SC-APC)

    List Price 3 560 EUR H.T.

    Offer price 2 100 EUR H.T. (*)

  • Special offer for SmartOTU OTU-8000 version with 4 monitoring ports @1550nm.

    SmartOTU is the best solution to reduce cost of fiber optic monitoring! 

    24 000 EUR H.T.

    Prix Promo 15 000 EUR H.T. (*)

  • The CT50 is the new high class cleaver offering high precision cut.

    • Automatic cleaving blade rotation via wireless communication

    List Price 800 EUR H.T.

    Offer price 600 EUR H.T. (*)