Master the non linear dispersion effects on your network 

Goal of training

Discovery of the non linear dispersion effects linked to the increasing rate of flow in the fibre optic networks and how to deal with it in order not to be affected from the conception to the installation. 

Whom is this training addressed to

To any one which principal mission is linked to the conception, installation and exploitation of a fibre optic network with very high speed transmission ratio (> 40Gbits/s).

At the end of the training you will have  

  • Acquired the basic knowledge of the origins and the results linked with non linear dispersion
  • Discovered the Chromatic Dispersion CD 
  • Discovered the technics used to discriminate the wavelengths used to test this dispersion phenomena
  • Discovered the Polarisation Mode Dispersion PMD 
  • Discovered the technics used to discriminate the wavelengths and test the dispersion
  • Learned the standard measurement technics
  • Learned the precautions to apply while creating a network with very high speed transmission ratio (choice and limitation linked to the optic fibre and the cable) 
  • Learned the measurement technics  


  • Presentation of the basic knowledge in optic leading to the understanding of the CD and PMD effects creation in a fibre optic
  • Presentation of the technics used to compensate this kind of dispersion. Presentation of the limits of the compensation method
  • Fibre optics to be used with D-WDM network with very high speed ratio
  • Optical Spectrum Analyse measurement principle applied to the very high speed D-WDM network 
  • Presentation of the characterization solutions of CD and PMD in the very high speed fibre optic network


No specific technical prerequisites are required for the trainee.

Duration of the training session

This program of a one day duration can be adapted in term of retained program, number of trainees, technic level wished at the end of the training.

Training place

Training sessions can be organized in ITOCHU France facilities in Paris or in the premises of the company requiring the training session in France or abroad (DOM-TOM, North African countries, Central Africa, West Africa...)