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FUJIKURA heat retractable protection sleeve

Fujikura GSP-XX heat retractable protection sleeves allows a rigidification of the stripped portion of  fiber optic which has been spliced.

  • Heat retractable sleeves are available in different length from 30mm to 60mm
  • Conditionned in box of 500 sleeves
  • High quality
  • Heating time of 14s with Fujikura 70s

Heat retractable protection sleeves are mandatory to protect fusion splice!

More details

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More info

Fujikura's heat retractable protection sleeves exist in different length

  •          GSP 30 (for 30 mm)
  •          GSP 40 (for 40 mm)  
  •          GSP 50 (for 50 mm)  
  •          GSP 60 (for 60 mm)