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  • The RS03 is a thermal fiber stripper that allows to strip plastic protection of ribbon fibers 

    • 20% less gripping force compared to previous model
    • Quiker Heating Time
    • Ergonomic Design
    • High capacity battery approx. 600 times
    • Bluetooth capability for wireless connection with Smartphones
    • Coating diameter available from 200μm to 500μm

  • Fiber Preparation Kit For STK-01 Splicers

    • Cleaning fluid (85ml)
    • Kevlar scissors
    • Loose tube
    • 3 hole stripper
    • Kabifix
    • Special fiber optic splicer cleaning swabs
    • Lint-free wipes

    All of this in a multi-pocket carry case that fits neatly into the FUJIKURA splicer case. Everything you need to work with fiber optics can be found in this kit!

  • Electrodes pair ELCT2-20A for Fujikura core to core alignment fusion splicer FSM-50S, FSM-60S and 70S. Up to 3500 arcs by pair with Fujikura 70S.

  • Kabifix cable preparation tool

    • Ergonomic in shape for easy handling and use
    • Rotating blade for lateral or longitudinal slitting

    Prepare or ring your fiber optic cables with this Kabifix tool with a rotating blade.

  • JIC-375 "3 Hole" Strippers

    • Quickly strips 250 µm, 600-900 µm coatings and 1.6-3 mm jackets
    • Safety pin
    • Also exists in the "1 hole" version for 250 µm: JIC-125

    Efficiently strip your 250 µm, 600-900 µm outer coating and 1.6-3 mm jacket from your fiber optic cables with this "3 hole" stripper.

  • KS1 aramid fiber Kevlar pair of scissors

    • Compact size
    • For easily cutting Kevlar/aramid fibers

    Quickly and efficiently cut the inner Kevlar stranding of fiber optic cables with this pair of pinpointed scissors.

  • Fujikura GSP-XX heat retractable protection sleeves allows a rigidification of the stripped portion of  fiber optic which has been spliced.

    • Heat retractable sleeves are available in different length from 30mm to 60mm
    • Conditionned in box of 500 sleeves
    • High quality
    • Heating time of 14s with Fujikura 70s

    Heat retractable protection sleeves are mandatory to protect fusion splice!

  • Isopropylic alcohol bottle

    • Packing unit 1L plastic bottle
    • Convenient to clean stripped fiber optic