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  • Applications for OTDR Testing, icon-based map view of OTDR events and instant pass/fail display for easy OTDR results interpretation and analysis.

    • Directly correlates SmartLink view results and OTDR trace
    • Automatic pass/fail results
    • Eliminates the need for OTDR expertise when used with
    • Versions dedicated for FTTA and FTTH networks testing
    • Compatible with all multimode/single-mode and OTDR modules and enabled on all recent T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000 ,-6000A, and -8000 OTDR platforms
    • Upgradable on site

    Ideal tool to eliminate OTDR results interpretation complexity

  • Post-processing and reporting PC software to view, edit, analyze and generate accurate and updated documentation of field-acquired optical fiber test data.

    • Improve productivity by reducing data post-processing time from hours to minutes
    • Enables in-depth OTDR traces analysis with multiple traces management and automated bi-directional analysis
    • Increase efficiency with batch processing/macro function performing automatically repetitive actions to a series of file
    • Allow professional reports generation with graphical and table views and configurable format

    Manage Your Optical Fiber Network More Effectively!

  • Optical fiber connector inspection software allowing a PASS/FAIL analysis and control

    • Compatible with PC and Android mobile (Fibercheck Pro Mobile)
    • Editable PASS/FAIL analysis profiles following IEC standards 
    • Compatible with VIAVI Solutions inspection probe

    Download the last software version by clicking on the following link

    Fibercheck Pro