Essential tool for preparing the fusion splice of a fiber, Fujikura cleaver offers the best cutting quality !

Cleaver Compare these productsThere are 3 products.

  • The CT-30A cleaver is the referece of Fujikura cleaver.

    • Rotative circular blade with 16 positions
    • Double V-groove for 250 and 900 µm
    • Automatic scrap collector

    It is the most employed cleaver on field.

  • The CT-08A is the newest Fujikura cleaver .

    • Rotative circular blade with 16 positions
    • Unique V-grrove for 250 and 900um fibers
    • Manual scrap collector
    • Easy rotation of the blade 

    Best value for money.

  • The CT50 is the new high class cleaver offering high precision cut.

    • Applicable up to 12-fiber cleaving
    • Automatic cleaving blade rotation via wireless communication
    • User replaceable fiber clamps and cleaving blade
    • 60,000 fibers blade life(3 height x 16 positions)
    • Wide lever opening angle allows easy fiber placement
    • Single-action operation including fiber scrap collection