Cleaning systems

Dust is number one enemy of any fiber optic network !
Thanks to our large cleaning systems range, we have a complete solution to clean any type of fiber optic connector.

Cleaning systems Compare these productsThere are 4 products.

  • Sticklers MCC-FK03 comprehensive fiber optic cleaning kit

    • 2 alcohol sprays MCC-POC03M
    • 2 boxes of 90 fiber optic wipes MCC-WFW
    • 1 pack of 25 wipes pre-soaked in isopropyl alcohol
    • 1 box containing 50 cleaning sticks for 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm connectors MCC-VS
    • 1 flexible and practical carry case
    • and as a gift: one Sticklers torch!

    A comprehensive fiber optic cable and connector cleaning kit containing the basic field requirements.

  • FUJIKURA One Click fiber optic connector cleaner

    • A single product for both patch cord connectors and front connectors
    • 500 cleaning operations per unit
    • No equipment deterioration: One Click end of ribbon indicator
    • Practical with its extendable nozzle for difficult to access areas
    • Cleans 2.5 mm ferrules in PC and APC: SC, FC, ST: OCC-A
    • Cleans 1.25 mm ferrules in PC and APC: LC, MU: OCC-B

    An essential all-in-one tool for work in the field!

  • Sticklers MCC-POC03M cleaning fluid spray

    • contains 90 ml
    • Dual-use: alcohol dispenser for wipes or precision spray
    • Practical and clever with its precision rod
    • Approved for air transport

    This cleaning fluid spray can be used in two different ways: as an alcohol dispenser with fibre optic wipes or for precision cleaning for hard to access areas with its plastic rod.

  • Sticklers MCC-WFW box of lint-free wipes for fibre optic connectors

    • Box of 90 wipes
    • Dispensing system
    • Compact and practical design for the field

    Transport your lint-free fiber optic cleaning wipes easily thanks to this practical case fitted with a dispenser.