Ribbon Fusion Splicer Compare these productsThere are 2 products.

  • "Top of the range" fully automated fiber optic ribbon splicer with integrated heater, "clad to clad" alignment.

    • Fully automated heater and Wind protector
    • Splice up to 12 ribbon fibers
    • Tube heating in 18 seconds
    • Absolute robustness to shocks (No damage with fall on the 6 sides)
    • Bluetooth connectivity to control CT50 cleaver

    The 70R+ is ideal for splicing ribbon cable in any conditions.

  • Smallest ribbon fusion splicer with integrated tube heater, with clad alignment technology.

    • Splice up to ribbon of 4 fibers
    • Tube heating in 30 seconds
    • Light and small

    The 12R is the perfect tool to splice ribbon cables in remoted location