Fiber blowing machines

You want to safely deploy a fiber optic cable without any breaking issues, choose Fremco Blowing machines !

Fiber blowing machines Compare these productsThere are 4 products.

  • MicroFlow Touch fiber blowing machine is designed to answer the FTTH network needs

    • Compatible with 0,8 to 5,5mm cable diameter 
    • Micro duct diameter 5 to 16mm
    • Blowing speed up to 90m/min
    • Electronic control unit
    • Electronic meter speed/counter with presetting of blowing distance
    • Adjustable motor torque load of fiber cable
    • Electronic protection technology to prevent damages to fiber cable

  • MiniFlow Rapid blowing machine is designed to answer to the FTTH networks indoor and outdoor deployment needs.

    • Compatible with 4 to 12 mm cable diameter
    • Duct diameter 7 to 20 mm
    • Blowing speed up to 100 m/min
    • Follow up of speed and cable length
    • Display of cable propulsion strength
    • Compact design

  • Of all fiber blowing machines, this cable and fiber blowing machine is very strong.
    It is built and designed for rough conditions and for blowing in a huge variety of cables, fibers and ducts.

    • Compatible with 8 to 25 mm cable diameter
    • Duct diameter 18 to 70 mm
    • Blowing speed up to 80 m/min
    • Can blow with air and water
    • Robust design

    And do not forget! The PowerFlow is still easy to handle and operate.