How to use CT50 ?

CT50 is the brand new Fujikura high class cleaver. It offers new functionnalities such as Bluetooth connection with Fujikura 70S+ splicer and automated rotation of the blade.

On this new model, Fujikura facilitated the blade rotation. It is now possible to change the blade position by three different ways : 

  • By rotating manually the knob located under the cleaver CT50
  • By pushing the button "Rotate" (do not forget to plug two LR3 AAA in the CT50)
  • By connecting through Bluetooth the CT50 to the splicer 70S+ (do not forget to plug two LR3 AAA in the CT50)

By connecting the CT50 to the splicer 70S+, the blade position and the number of cut achieved on each position can be displayed on the screen of the 70S+It is then easy to control and check the usage of the cleaver CT50.

To switch the blade height once the 16 positions of the blade  has been used, you can manually rotate the knob located in the front side of the CT50. The video below summarize the different ways to proceed : 

As any field equipment, the cleaver can accumulate a lot of dirt. It is then necessary to regularly clean the cleaver to keep an optimize high precision cut. This is how to proceed :