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Multi Application Platform MAP

Multi Application Platform MAP

As the Industry Standard in Optical Testing, VIAVI provides efficient, fast, proven solutions for optical testing dedicated to R&D and production of optical fiber passive and active components.

You want your products to be the best, so make sure you test with the best for common applications such as Optical Connector testing and DWDM ROADM testing.

Multi Application Platform MAP

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Optical Power Meter

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Optical Power Meter module (mOPM-C1) is a third-generation power meter that brings a range of panel-mount and remote-head configurations with 1, 2, or 4 inputs per module Designed with 4 unique performance ranges, versions are available for all applications.

Regarding the Remots Head, its available as a premium-performance variant and a variant specifically designed for use with MAP-PCT systems, integrated remote heads provide 90º launch and ideal spherical geometry for maximum repeatability


MAP Series Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP series) Tunable Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Laser (mTLG-C2) is a next-generation tunable laser that is ideal for DWDM testing that requires changing the wavelength on demand over the C- and L-band with 50 GHz spacing

The LightDirect Cassettes Families

The LightDirect family includes a wide range of foundational optical test, modules that are used in simple bench test applications, or combined in larger, multi-modules customer driven automated test systems. They are easy-to-control, single-functionality modules. The cassettes are the building blocks and fall into two different families, the LightTest turn-key solutions and the LightDirect configurable solutions to meet each customer's exact needs.


The compact, 2U, two-solt MAO-220C LightDirect Chassis, mainframe is designed for general fiber-optic lab use and smaller optical manufacturer test-station deployments. The MAP-220C is as efficient and cost-effective as fixed-format versions yet maintains the flexibility and modularity so you can build the application you want, when you want. MAP-220C LightDirect Chassis users can leverage these modules in a compact, benchtop format with a simple, intuitive graphical touch screen. For larger, more complex deployments.

Optical switch module MAP

Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of VIAVI optical switch technology.

  • Provides all optical switching, independently from data rate and transmission format
  • Delivers minimal impact on dynamic measurement range regardless of switch size with low loss for all configurations from 1x2 to 1x176
  • Flexible SCPI remote interface lets users program the switch using either MAP-200 style commands or maintain backward compatibility to the industry-standard VIAVI SB/SC series optical switches
  • Guarantees ultra-low 0.04 dB PDL and ±0.005 dB repeatability to minimize measurement uncertainties on single-input versions
  • New PTRIM option simplifies troubleshooting and measures in-line power up to 20 dB for coarse programmable loss on a connected port
  • 1C, 2D (duplex), and 2E input configurations enable cost-saving architectures that reduce the number of switches required
  • Expanded beam technology ensures multimode switches are “modally transparent” and do not disturb mode distributions, greatly simplifying transmission testing or testing with IEC complaint mode launches

Variable optical attenuator module MAP

High-resolution, wide wavelength-range attenuator ideal for use in applications such as analog systems and high bit-rate digital systems.

  • Ultra low insertion loss to minimize loss budget utilization
  • High accuracy and high repeatability to reduce measurement uncertainty
  • Fast transition speed to reduce testing time
  • Flat spectral response to reduce wavelength dependent uncertainty in multi-wavelength applications (CWDM, DWDM)
  • Low backreflection to reduce instabilities due to reflected light
  • Optional built-in wavelength calibrated power meter reduces the uncertainty by reducing external connections
  • High input power capability for EDFA testing and multi-wavelength applications

PCT IL-RL test module MAP

Singlemode Insertion Loss / Return Loss test meter and fully EF-compliant multimode Insertion Loss test modules for use with the VIAVI advanced MAP-Series platform.

  • Increases production yield by a factor of 4
  • Requires only 25 percent of the space of other solutions
  • Enables expansion into new high-growth, high-performance applications, such as 40/100 G data center markets
  • Modular platform can scale as needs arise and budget allows
  • Port mapping verifies multifiber MPO cassette continuity and polarity in less than 15 seconds
  • Fully supports high-growth MPO and MTP multifiber connectors


From the original Multiple Application Platform (MAP) System released in 2001 to the new third generation MAP-300 Series, the MAP system is the heart of the VIAVI optical test solutions for labs and manufacturing. With unmatched scalability, users can be assured that our solutions will meet their current and future needs

  • Available in rackmount, reverse-rackmount and benchtop mainframe configurations
  • Eight-slot (MAP-380) and three-slot (MAP-330) configurations
  • HTML-based graphical user interface (MAP-300 GUI)
  • Field-replaceable controller includes an integrated 3.5- inch LCD touchscreen for network and system status
  • Support for USB 3.0 port, 15.6 external monitor, and ethernet
  • Optional GPIB, Ethernet port, USB and additional USB and trigger modules
  • SCPI logical interface for automation programming, with remote programming supported via TCP/IP (LXI) over ethernet, GPIB and direct socket
  • Multi-user capability
  • Hot swappable modules