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DuctRod Machine

Designed to push a duct rod into an underground duct. It is equipped with a flexible clamping unit, allowing you to attach the machine to the sidewall of the manhole securing more stable installation.

Fiber/Cable OD: 9-25 mm

Duct size OD: 10-40 mm

Preparation time: 2-4 min

Blowing distance (with air): Up to 500 m

MultiFlow RAPID Blowing Machine

MultiFlow RAPID is designed for relining of multiple micro ducts, but it can also be operated for single cables.

Fiber/Cable OD: 5.5-32 mm

Duct size OD: 10-63 mm

Preparation time: 8-10 min

Blowing distance: Up to 5,000 m

Floating distance with water: Up to 10,000 m

Blowing speed: Up to 80 m/min

Robust design

PowerFlow Blowing machine

Of all fiber blowing machines, this cable and fiber blowing machine is very strong.
It is built and designed for rough conditions and for blowing in a huge variety of cables, fibers and ducts.

  • Compatible with 8 to 25 mm cable diameter
  • Duct diameter 18 to 70 mm
  • Blowing speed up to 80 m/min
  • Can blow with air and water
  • Robust design

And do not forget! The PowerFlow is still easy to handle and operate.

MiniFlow Rapid Blowing machine

MiniFlow Rapid blowing machine is designed to answer to the FTTH networks indoor and outdoor deployment needs.

  • Compatible with 3 to 12 mm cable diameter
  • Duct diameter 7 to 20 mm
  • Preparation time: 4 min
  • Blowing distance (with air): Up to 3500 m
  • Blowing speed up to 100 m/min
  • Follow up of speed and cable length
  • Display of cable propulsion strength
  • Compact design

MicroFlow Touch blowing machine

MicroFlow Touch fiber blowing machine is designed to answer the FTTH network needs

  • Compatible with 0,8 to 6,5mm cable diameter 
  • Micro duct diameter 4 to 16mm
  • Preparation time : 5 min
  • Blowing distance : Upd to 2 500m
  • Blowing speed up to 90m/min
  • Electronic control unit
  • Electronic meter speed/counter with presetting of blowing distance
  • Adjustable motor torque load of fiber cable
  • Electronic protection technology to prevent damages to fiber cable