Training is the key of success in your activity. Equipment investments that you put in our hands will be quickly profitable.

  • Who are we training ?
  • What is the benefit for the trainees and companies ?
  • How are we thinking and designing our training sessions to answer your expectations ?

This is to these questions that we will be trying to answer.

Itochu France offers since 25 years products of high value and high technology, that requires expertise, technical gestures and craftsmanship learning for which the trainee will be participating.

Products proposed by Itcohu France touch the different steps since the conception to the realisation and certification of the performances reached by fiber optic telecom network infrastructure.

These developed equipment offers integration of « user-experience » acquired by the manufacturers and we are offering a knowledge transfer that will allow an optimal operation of all the equipment.

Of course our training sessions will take into account your personal or company goals, your initial technical skill level, and the one you wish to have at the end of the training session.

This is for theses reasons that the theoretical and practical content will be adapted to each session because there no identical cases why you are participating to a training sessions.

You wish to have more information on our training sessions, do not hesitate to contact us at 01 45 38 35 56 . It will be a pleasure to provide all the information you required.

Thank you for your trust and see you soon for our next training session.

List of pages in ITOCHU France provides training sessions on Fujikura and VIAVI products: