Goal of training

  • Learn how to process data acquired through an VIAVI Solutions (ex JDSU-ACTERNA...) OTDR using VIAVI OFS-200 FibreCable 2.0 software
  • Learn how to create a test report for a fiber optic cable  trough the software

Whom is this training adressed to

To any person whose principal mission is linked to the conception of a full characterization report of the maintenance or installation of a fibre optic cable network.

At the end of the training you will have 

  • Acquired the basic knowledge of how Viavi Solution OFS-200 is running
  • Learned to check, operate the otdr traces on the screen, place the cursor to check every event values, repositionned the event...
  • Learned how to modify the traces before processing it by batch
  • Learned how to correct detection mistakes capture by OTDR 
  • Learned how to create a complete installation report
  • Learned the utilisation's limit of the software 


  • Installation and first step with OFS-200 FibreCable 2.0 software
  • Presentation of the graphic interface of the software
  • Operating with the files : importation from a USB key of the ".sor" traces from the OTDR, opening one or several traces simultaneously on the same screen, positioning the cursors and markers, manual, semi-auto or full auto measurement…
  • Interpretation and understanding of all the events present on the otdr trace
  • Creation of a test report
  • Correction of the mistakes which could block the execution of the Excel test report generation
  • Format the data before automated process
  • Use of the Excel Macro file generating the report
  • Trainee practise to generate a complete test report with different files provided by ITOCHU or by the trainee himself 


  • A first field experience with OTDR measurement will be welcomed but no specific technical prerequisites are required for the trainee despite being able to use a computer.
  • The trainee computer must be equipped with OFS-200 Fibercable 2.0 software and Microsoft Office

Duration of the training session

This program of a one day duration can be adapted in term of retained program, number of trainees, technic level wished at the end of the training.

Training place

Training sessions can be organized in ITOCHU France facilities in Paris or in the premises of the company requiring the training session in France or abroad (DOM-TOM, North African countries, Central Africa, West Africa...)

Technical means

  • Itochu customized paper training courses