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Fiber inspection microscopes

Fiber inspection microscopes

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INX 760 Probe Microscope


  • Faster - Get results faster with true automated operation in seconds
  • Simpler - Simplify fiber inspection with easy automated inspection of multi-fiber, singlefiber, and duplex connectors
  • Stronger - Ensure performance you can depend on with a strong and durable microscope that delivers excellence in the field
  • Smarter – Achieve inspection excellence with trusted results


  • True Automated Inspection delivers the industry’s fastest workflow for user applications that automates every step of the inspection process.
  • AutoID Inspection Tips eliminate mistakes of error-prone manual or RFID configuration when changing tips.
  • PanOptic Imaging Engine ensures edge-toedge field-of-view without compromising magnification and resolution quality.
  • VIAVI TPA Enabled, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and accuracy at every stage of a job with Test Process Automation.

Autofocus benchtop microscope FVAi

High Performance Inspection Solutions for Lab and Manufacturing applications

FVAi microscopes equip optical connectivity manufacturers and users with the ability to ensure clean fiber connector end-faces by detecting contamination and defects that are present.
Both manufacturers and users of optical connectivity can leverage the benefits of the FV microscopes to ensure end-face cleanliness and quality.

P5000i Fiber Microscope

Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL capability to PC, laptops, mobile devices and Viavi test solutions.

  • Repeatable Pass/Fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork from the measurement process
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles allow certification to any acceptance criteria
  • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software for analysis and reporting with PC/laptop
  • Dual-Magnification switching allows easy toggling between low & high both live and analysis views
  • Easily connect to most of Viavi Solutions test platform via USB without the need for any additional adapters or software

The P5000i makes it fast and easy to certify that every connection in your network is clear and optimized.

Fibercheck Probe

Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL and autofocus capabilities, compatible with tablets, smartphone and Viavi test solutions.

  • Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
  • Auto-Center & Auto-Focus
  • Built-in fiber endface analysis
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Stores results on device or export
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection capabilities

The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection.

Fibercheck Sidewinder

"All-in-one" handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO.

  • Integrated touchscreen
  • Live fiber viewing
  • Auto-center, Auto-focus, Auto-pan/scroll
  • Built-in fiber end-face analysis
  • Audible sounds for Pass/Fail results
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Stores results on device or export
  • WiFi, and USB connection to a PC and mobile devices
  • All-day battery life
  • Built in acceptance criteria to industry standards (IEC-61300-3-35)

The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection.

P5000i tips FBPT

The FBPT tips are specially designed to be adapted on P-5000i inspection probe and bring an inspection solution to almost every kind of fiber optic connector.

FibercheckPro inspection software

Optical fiber connector inspection software allowing a PASS/FAIL analysis and control

  • Compatible with PC and Android mobile (Fibercheck Pro Mobile)
  • Editable PASS/FAIL analysis profiles following IEC standards 
  • Compatible with VIAVI Solutions inspection probe

Download the last software version by clicking on the following link

Fibercheck Pro