Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

OTDR measurement allows a complete certification of the physical layer of a fiber optic link, by differentiating the global loss of the link under test. This measurement is mandatory to check the deploiment quality of a fiber optic network, or in cas of troubleshooting.

Throught itslarge range of OTDR modules, Viavi (formerly JDSU) offers the best solution to test the whole fiber optic network.
May the fiber be singlemode or multimode, short or long distance, point to point or with splitters, and even with active fiber, Viavi has the test module adapted to your need.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

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SmartOTDR PRO Installation

SmartOTDR PRO Installation, essential handheld fiber tester is an affordable, easy-to-use device for techs at any level, with robust wireless connectivity options that increase productivity anywhere

37/35dB @1310/1550

OneAdvisor 800

All-in-one network installation and maintenance test tool; Transport, Fiber, and Wireless

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 is designed to simplify the evolving network test needs of service providers, datacenters, field technicians and contractors as they deploy, groom, and maintain a wide variety of wireline and wireless networks.

The modular design of OneAdvisor 800 allows network technicians to easily switch between a multitude of test scenarios including transmission protocol, fiber, or over the air RF signals.

MTS-4000V2 & 4126A

MTS-4000 V2 optical reflectometer package with a 4126A singlemode module

37/36dB @1310/1550nm - Option 40/38 dB @1310/1550nm (EXTRANGE option)

Ideal for medium distance measurements

MTS-4000V2 & 4126C

MTS-4000 V2 optical reflectometer package with a 4126C singlemode module

 45/43dB @1310/1550nm

Ideal for long and very long distance measurements


Test Rapidly. Share Results Instantly

Optimeter takes less than one minute to certify fiber links and reduce the number of borderline installs and early install failure rates.
Light power level(s) and fiber link map are captured and saved automatically on test completion in a single test report organized by job number.

With the VIAVI Mobile Tech App, test reports can be wirelessly transferred to a smartphone or tablet and further enhanced with geolocation data, then automatically uploaded direct to VIAVI StrataSync Test Process Automation suite for KPI dashboarding and reporting.

Last Mile FTTx Test and Certification


The SmartOTDR is the lightweightest and most compact OTDR. It is able to speed and optimizes field testing of metro and access networks—with a tailored OTDR interface and automatic analysis that any technician can understand.

  • Ensures fast and easy measurements
  • One touch operation, automatic analysis, and tailored OTDR user interface for different skill level
  • Manage data from anywhere in the network
  • Several connectivity options (3G/4G smartphones via USB and optional Bluetooth/WiFi) enable remote control as well as data and work-order transfers to-and-from tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  • Light, ultra compact, hands-free design and an extended autonomy up to 20 hours

The SmartOTDR A is the cheapest OTDR on the market! 

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) allows secure, remote assistance for field techs directly on their instrument from a product or technical specialist in another location, including a central office or even another job site.

A solution that enables centralized support, on-demand test and live results analysis to support and coach technicians in the field – improving first time install/activation rates while reducing repeats and minimizing time-on-site.

OFS 200 Fibercable 2.0

Post-processing and reporting PC software to view, edit, analyze and generate accurate and updated documentation of field-acquired optical fiber test data.

  • Improve productivity by reducing data post-processing time from hours to minutes
  • Enables in-depth OTDR traces analysis with multiple traces management and automated bi-directional analysis
  • Increase efficiency with batch processing/macro function performing automatically repetitive actions to a series of file
  • Allow professional reports generation with graphical and table views and configurable format

Manage Your Optical Fiber Network More Effectively!

Price €490.00

Mini launch cable box

Compact launch cable box for OTDR measurement.

  • Small size
  • Available in singlemode (G-625D & G-657)and multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
  • Customized length from 200m to 2km
  • Large choice of optical connectors (SC, ST, FC, LC, E2000 / PC ou APC)

Thanks to its small size, the compact launch cable boxes are easy to pack away in OTDR soft cases.


StrataSync is a hosted, cloud-based solution that provides asset, configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments and ensures all instruments have the latest software and options installed.

  • No annual subscription with StrataSync Core
  • Simplified instrument management - ensure instruments are up to date with latest firmware, licenses, and options
  • Operational efficiencies - deploy test capabilities temporarily where needed
  • Manage both direct and contractor workforce with a single platformEliminate data/results lost with direct instrument upload, no more results handover via ftp, email, or USB stick