• Logiciel de traitement des données réflectométriques VIAVI OFS 100 Fibre Trace 2.0

OFS 200 Fibercable 2.0


Post-processing and reporting PC software to view, edit, analyze and generate accurate and updated documentation of field-acquired optical fiber test data.

  • Improve productivity by reducing data post-processing time from hours to minutes
  • Enables in-depth OTDR traces analysis with multiple traces management and automated bi-directional analysis
  • Increase efficiency with batch processing/macro function performing automatically repetitive actions to a series of file
  • Allow professional reports generation with graphical and table views and configurable format

Manage Your Optical Fiber Network More Effectively!


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Documenting every aspect of an optical fiber network is critical. Good records and reports will provide ongoing direction for future network maintenance and development such as rerouting or upgrades. A well-documented fiber/cable plant will be much easier to troubleshoot and will ensure that future upgrades go smoothly.

Acceptance testing and documentation will minimize future operational risks and assure customer satisfaction. In addition, acceptance documentation enables acknowledgement that the project has been completed as the client originally requested—protecting the supplier.

FiberTrace 2 and FiberCable 2 post-processing PC software tools are designed for installers, network operators, and service providers willing to edit and analyze optical fiber test results offline as well as generate accurate and updated documentation.


  • View T-BERD/MTS platform test results including insertion loss (IL), return loss (ORL), chromatic and polarization-mode dispersion (CD/PMD), attenuation profile (AP), OTDR, optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), FiberComplete™, and I-PMD™ test
  • Edit and analyze multiple measurement files
  • Generate acceptance test reports

Download the last update of the software or test it during a 30 days trial period by clicking on the following link

Fibercable2.0 OFS-200

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