How to self maintain your Fujikura's fusion splicer ?

Since 25 years our After Sales service team has maintained and repaired different generations of Fujikura's fusion splicer. Following the years we have noticed that approximately 25% of the splicers sent back for service were showing a malfuntion only due to a non adaptive or no regular cleaning of the critical parts of the splicer.

These critical parts are the following :

  • V groove 
  • Clamps  and pads
  • Camera's focus lens

As the splicer is used, dust or fiber optic waste lay or accumulate on those different parts causing the following problems : 

  • Motor problems  
  • Camera's focus problem

As soon as too many dust has accumulated on the V groove, fiber optics show an offset too important which prevent the motors to correct the offest and align the fibers. In worst case scenario motors can be blocked on a far end position.

It is then essential to clean regularly these critical parts of the fusion splicer !!!

In order to help you self maintain your Fujikura's fusion splicer, please find below a video tutorial showing how to clean efficiently your splicer.