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SmartOTDR PRO Installation

SmartOTDR PRO Installation, essential handheld fiber tester is an affordable, easy-to-use device for techs at any level, with robust wireless connectivity options that increase productivity anywhere

37/35dB @1310/1550


Rack-mounted test unit for remote BER tests

The one tool data center operators need to remotely test transmission quality of the network connecting its data centers, central offices, or head ends.

OneAdvisor 800

All-in-one network installation and maintenance test tool; Transport, Fiber, and Wireless

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 is designed to simplify the evolving network test needs of service providers, datacenters, field technicians and contractors as they deploy, groom, and maintain a wide variety of wireline and wireless networks.

The modular design of OneAdvisor 800 allows network technicians to easily switch between a multitude of test scenarios including transmission protocol, fiber, or over the air RF signals.

MTS-4000V2 & 4126A

MTS-4000 V2 optical reflectometer package with a 4126A singlemode module

37/36dB @1310/1550nm - Option 40/38 dB @1310/1550nm (EXTRANGE option)

Ideal for medium distance measurements

MTS-4000V2 & 4126C

MTS-4000 V2 optical reflectometer package with a 4126C singlemode module

 45/43dB @1310/1550nm

Ideal for long and very long distance measurements

OCCASION : Optical loss test set OLTS-85

Prix Liste 11 480 EUR H.T.

Prix Occasion 5 295 EUR H.T. (*)

Profitez de notre offre d'occasion sur le mesureur d'atténuation optique SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85.

Garantie : 3 mois.

Quantité disponible : 1

First come, First served !


(*) Offre valable dans la limite des stocks disponibles


Test Rapidly. Share Results Instantly

Optimeter takes less than one minute to certify fiber links and reduce the number of borderline installs and early install failure rates.
Light power level(s) and fiber link map are captured and saved automatically on test completion in a single test report organized by job number.

With the VIAVI Mobile Tech App, test reports can be wirelessly transferred to a smartphone or tablet and further enhanced with geolocation data, then automatically uploaded direct to VIAVI StrataSync Test Process Automation suite for KPI dashboarding and reporting.

Last Mile FTTx Test and Certification

OCCASION : MTS-2000 & 4136RMA

Prix Occasion 2 995 EUR H.T. (*)

Profitez de notre offre de déstockage sur le pack MTS-2000 avec son module 4136RMA.

Ce réflectomètre est idéal pour les mesures moyenne distances et pour la maintenance des réseaux actifs.

Ce réflectomètre est vendu d'occasion, il sera calibré auprès du fabricant VIAVI Solutions avant sa vente.

Garantie : 3 mois.

Quantité disponible : 1

First come, First served !

 (*) Offre valable dans la limite des stocks disponibles

Optical Talk Set OTS-55

The VIAVI SmartClass OTS-55 (optical talk set) fulfills today’s communication needs during fiber installations, maintenance or troubleshooting in a very cost effective way by using one single “dark” fiber.


The SmartOTDR is the lightweightest and most compact OTDR. It is able to speed and optimizes field testing of metro and access networks—with a tailored OTDR interface and automatic analysis that any technician can understand.

  • Ensures fast and easy measurements
  • One touch operation, automatic analysis, and tailored OTDR user interface for different skill level
  • Manage data from anywhere in the network
  • Several connectivity options (3G/4G smartphones via USB and optional Bluetooth/WiFi) enable remote control as well as data and work-order transfers to-and-from tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  • Light, ultra compact, hands-free design and an extended autonomy up to 20 hours

The SmartOTDR A is the cheapest OTDR on the market! 

OCCASION : Photomètre PON SmartClass OLP-87P

Prix Occasion 1 295 EUR H.T. (*)

Profitez de notre offre d'occasion sur le puissance mètre optique PON OLP-87P

Il permet de mesurer de manière simultanée la puissance des signaux optiques montants et descendants sur les réseaux actifs B/E/G-PON et est également compatible avec la future génération de réseaux PON (XG-PON & 10G EPON).

Il dispose également d'un système d'inspection et d'analyse pass/fail en une solution unique et portable.

Garantie : 3 mois.

Quantité disponible : 1

First come, First served !


(*) Offre valable dans la limite des stocks disponibles

Price €1,295.00

OCCASION : Photomètre PON SmartClass OLP-87

Prix Occasion 1 095 EUR H.T. (*)

Garantie : 3 mois.

Quantité disponible : 1

First come, First served !


The OLP-87 PON Power Meter enables simultaneous power measurement of all upstream & downstream wavelengths on live B/E/G-PON networks and is also compatible with next generation PON networks (XG-PON & 10G EPON).

Price €1,095.00

Live Fiber Identifier FI-60

The VIAVI FI-60 live fiber identifier

  •  Avoid network downtime and damage with repeatable SafeChekTM easy-pull trigger system.
  • Get the job done faster with a single LFI head that is compatible with multiple cable diameters (250μm to 3mm jacketed fibers).
  • Increase reliability and avoid false readings with integrated ambient light shield.
  • Have twice the tool at half the price! The FI-60 LFI easily converts to a full-function OPM that stores, recalls, and exports results to a PC via USB.

Live Fiber Identifier easily identifies the optical signal without having to disconnect the fiber or disrupt network traffic. Also converts to an Optical Power Meter (OPM).

Price €770.00

Compact network test platform MTS 6000A

Modular multifunction fiber and network interface test platform performs the widest ranging fiber and network tests.

  • Large 8 inch transreflective TFT color display improves viewing under any conditions.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface with touchscreen
  • Offers maximum usability and minimum footprint with over than 100 applications in a compact, lightweight platform
  • Accesses the cloud via Wi-Fi/3G/4G LTE and manages assets and data with Stratasync
  • Large compatibility with more than 80 modules and field upgradable options

MTS-6000A offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality for multiple network layers.

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) allows secure, remote assistance for field techs directly on their instrument from a product or technical specialist in another location, including a central office or even another job site.

A solution that enables centralized support, on-demand test and live results analysis to support and coach technicians in the field – improving first time install/activation rates while reducing repeats and minimizing time-on-site.

OFS 200 Fibercable 2.0

Post-processing and reporting PC software to view, edit, analyze and generate accurate and updated documentation of field-acquired optical fiber test data.

  • Improve productivity by reducing data post-processing time from hours to minutes
  • Enables in-depth OTDR traces analysis with multiple traces management and automated bi-directional analysis
  • Increase efficiency with batch processing/macro function performing automatically repetitive actions to a series of file
  • Allow professional reports generation with graphical and table views and configurable format

Manage Your Optical Fiber Network More Effectively!

Price €490.00

CleanBlast™ HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid

The official cleaning fluid engineered for use with Viavi Solutions CleanBlast™ fiber cleaning systems

Use with both the benchtop and portable CleanBlast™ systems

Quickly removes dust, lint, oil & grit from fiber end-faces

Engineered for cleaning SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000 and MPO/MTP connectors

Removes dust, lint, polishing grit, oil and fingerprints

Price €395.00

P5000i Fiber Microscope

Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL capability to PC, laptops, mobile devices and Viavi test solutions.

  • Repeatable Pass/Fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork from the measurement process
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles allow certification to any acceptance criteria
  • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software for analysis and reporting with PC/laptop
  • Dual-Magnification switching allows easy toggling between low & high both live and analysis views
  • Easily connect to most of Viavi Solutions test platform via USB without the need for any additional adapters or software

The P5000i makes it fast and easy to certify that every connection in your network is clear and optimized.

Fibercheck Probe

Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL and autofocus capabilities, compatible with tablets, smartphone and Viavi test solutions.

  • Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
  • Auto-Center & Auto-Focus
  • Built-in fiber endface analysis
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Stores results on device or export
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection capabilities

The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection.

Fibercheck Sidewinder

"All-in-one" handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO.

  • Integrated touchscreen
  • Live fiber viewing
  • Auto-center, Auto-focus, Auto-pan/scroll
  • Built-in fiber end-face analysis
  • Audible sounds for Pass/Fail results
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Stores results on device or export
  • WiFi, and USB connection to a PC and mobile devices
  • All-day battery life
  • Built in acceptance criteria to industry standards (IEC-61300-3-35)

The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection.

True PON Tester Smartclass OLP-88

OLP-88 TruePON tester is an innovative tool using GPON data analysis technology.

  • Simple and user-friendly color touchscreen
  • Compact and lightweight instrument (<1kg)
  • Data storage of up to 10.000 test results
  • USB, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces 
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Patchcord microscope version and P5000i digital inspection probe compatibility

It is the ideal test unit for field technicians dealing with GPON network service activation and for support teams in charge of resolving service complaints and identifying the sources of issues.

P5000i tips FBPT

The FBPT tips are specially designed to be adapted on P-5000i inspection probe and bring an inspection solution to almost every kind of fiber optic connector.

Cable and Antenna Analyzers JD720C

The CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzers provide integrated solutions for line sweep measurements and fiber inspection with RF/optical power meters in a lightweight, cloud-enabled instrument for use during cell site installation and maintenance.

  • RF and fiber testing in a single solution
  • Manage assets and reduce costs with cloud-enabled StrataSync
  • Detect signal degradation over time with Trace Overlay
  • Reduce test time by making two measurements simultaneously on one display
  • Instant problem notification with simple PASS/FAIL indications
  • Enable faster and easier calibration with EZ-Cal™

USB optical powermeter MP-60 & MP-80

MP-60/-80 Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meters with FiberChek Pro Integration.

  • Lightweight, small form-factor design for ultimateportability
  • Generates measurements in dB, milliwatt, and dBm
  • Automated data logging capabilities
  • Automatic wavelength detection
  • Compatible with FiberChek Pro fiber inspection and analysis software; integrated reporting capabilities within FiberChek Pro
  • Simple, accurate, and instant push-button measurement results can be electronically archived, logged, and printed
  • Dedicated for all single-mode and multimode applications including LAN, TELECOM, CATV, and DWDM testing

Optical Power meter SmartPocket V2 OLP-35V2, OLP-35SC, OLP-38V2

A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical power meters for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.

  • Rugged and pocket-sized design
  • Large display combined with an easy-to-use interface
  • Auto-wavelength recognition function for saving test time and error-free testing
  • Internal data storage (1000 results)
  • Bluetooth

SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 Selective G-PON XGS-PON Power Meter

The VIAVI OLP-39 variants are the industry’s first wavelength selective Passive Optical Network (PON) power meter enhanced with TruePON data analysis for fast, simultaneous measurement of both G-PON and XGS-PON downstream power levels and loss in PON networks.
TruePON analysis leverages PON-ID information to ensure more right first-time installations and to reduce fault finding times.

SmartPocket V2 OLP-37XV2 Selective PON Power Meter

Wavelength selective optical power meter for use in G/E-PON and XGS-PON/10G-EPON and hybrid systems.

  • Single test port connection for dual wavelength measurement
  • Simultaneous power level measurements for both G/E-PON & XGS-PON/10G-EPON services
  • Storage for over 1000 test results and PC download capability
  • Bluetooth low energy connectivity to the VIAVI Mobile Tech App
  • 4-way powering - alkaline AA, NiMH AA rechargeable, AC power adapter and power over USB
  • 3-year recalibration period


  • Measuring optical power levels for both G/E-PON and XGS-PON/10G-EPON services
  • Multi-service PON deployment and installs
  • Network Build and Maintenance for
    • Enterprise/LAN
    • FTTA (fiber to the antenna) for 5G
    • FTTH

Optical Photometry kit Smartpocket V2

A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical power meters for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.

  • Rugged and pocket-sized design
  • Large display combined with an easy-to-use interface
  • Auto-wavelength recognition function for saving test time and error-free testing
  • Internal data storage (1000 results)
  • Bluetooth
  • Report generation 

SmartClass Fiber MPOLx - MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

The Viavi Solutions SmartClass Fiber MPOLx is the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all the test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using MPO fiber connectivity.

  • Measures length
  • Measures optical loss at multiple wavelengths
  • Checks polarity for all 12 MPO fibers
  • Provides native MPO testing directly on devices
  • Delivers test results for all 12 MPO fibers in <6 seconds
  • Provides native MPO end-face inspection and automated analysis for both trunk cables and bulkheads
  • Dual wavelength optical light sources
  • Encircled flux compliant
  • 3.5” color touch screen interface on all MPOLx devices
  • Generate certification report

FibercheckPro inspection software

Optical fiber connector inspection software allowing a PASS/FAIL analysis and control

  • Compatible with PC and Android mobile (Fibercheck Pro Mobile)
  • Editable PASS/FAIL analysis profiles following IEC standards 
  • Compatible with VIAVI Solutions inspection probe

Download the last software version by clicking on the following link

Fibercheck Pro

Variable optical attenuator module MAP

High-resolution, wide wavelength-range attenuator ideal for use in applications such as analog systems and high bit-rate digital systems.

  • Ultra low insertion loss to minimize loss budget utilization
  • High accuracy and high repeatability to reduce measurement uncertainty
  • Fast transition speed to reduce testing time
  • Flat spectral response to reduce wavelength dependent uncertainty in multi-wavelength applications (CWDM, DWDM)
  • Low backreflection to reduce instabilities due to reflected light
  • Optional built-in wavelength calibrated power meter reduces the uncertainty by reducing external connections
  • High input power capability for EDFA testing and multi-wavelength applications


StrataSync is a hosted, cloud-based solution that provides asset, configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments and ensures all instruments have the latest software and options installed.

  • No annual subscription with StrataSync Core
  • Simplified instrument management - ensure instruments are up to date with latest firmware, licenses, and options
  • Operational efficiencies - deploy test capabilities temporarily where needed
  • Manage both direct and contractor workforce with a single platformEliminate data/results lost with direct instrument upload, no more results handover via ftp, email, or USB stick

Optical switch module MAP

Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of VIAVI optical switch technology.

  • Provides all optical switching, independently from data rate and transmission format
  • Delivers minimal impact on dynamic measurement range regardless of switch size with low loss for all configurations from 1x2 to 1x176
  • Flexible SCPI remote interface lets users program the switch using either MAP-200 style commands or maintain backward compatibility to the industry-standard VIAVI SB/SC series optical switches
  • Guarantees ultra-low 0.04 dB PDL and ±0.005 dB repeatability to minimize measurement uncertainties on single-input versions
  • New PTRIM option simplifies troubleshooting and measures in-line power up to 20 dB for coarse programmable loss on a connected port
  • 1C, 2D (duplex), and 2E input configurations enable cost-saving architectures that reduce the number of switches required
  • Expanded beam technology ensures multimode switches are “modally transparent” and do not disturb mode distributions, greatly simplifying transmission testing or testing with IEC complaint mode launches

Optical loss test set OLTS-85

SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P Optical Loss Test Sets

  • Comprehensive tier 1 fiber testing to TIA/ISO/IEC standards
  • Dedicated multimode, single-mode, and quad versions
  • Fiber end-face inspection with automated pass/fail analysis on both local and remote devices
  • Integrated saving of both local and remote results on the local device
  • Encircled flux compliant
  • Instant on from sleep mode
  • 3.5” color touch screen
  • Direct reports via FiberChekPRO™ reporting software
  • All-day battery life

The fastest and easiest solutions for Tier 1 fiber certification


From the original Multiple Application Platform (MAP) System released in 2001 to the new third generation MAP-300 Series, the MAP system is the heart of the VIAVI optical test solutions for labs and manufacturing. With unmatched scalability, users can be assured that our solutions will meet their current and future needs

  • Available in rackmount, reverse-rackmount and benchtop mainframe configurations
  • Eight-slot (MAP-380) and three-slot (MAP-330) configurations
  • HTML-based graphical user interface (MAP-300 GUI)
  • Field-replaceable controller includes an integrated 3.5- inch LCD touchscreen for network and system status
  • Support for USB 3.0 port, 15.6 external monitor, and ethernet
  • Optional GPIB, Ethernet port, USB and additional USB and trigger modules
  • SCPI logical interface for automation programming, with remote programming supported via TCP/IP (LXI) over ethernet, GPIB and direct socket
  • Multi-user capability
  • Hot swappable modules


The FTH-5000 Optical Test Unit combines optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical-switch technology to provide continuous OTDR monitoring of multiple fibers anywhere in the network.

The FTH-5000 works with the VIAVI ONMSi and SmartOTU solution to help automate and improve the monitoring of your network performance.
VIAVI is the worldwide leader in OTDR manufacturing and Optical Network Monitoring, receiving the coveted Frost & Sullivan Fiber Optics Test Equipment Market Leader Award for fiber-optic test equipment six years in a row.

A single OTU-5000 unit monitoring 72 fibers of 100km and more occupies only 1RU.

ONMSi - Optical Network Monitoring System

ONMSi Optical network test and monitoring system for Core, Metro, Access and FTTH networks.

  • FAST: ONMSi monitors the network 24/7 and alarms when there is a problem, automatically and accurately quantifies and locates the problem, then dispatches the technician right to the site – ALL within minutes!
  • SCALABLE: ONMSi allows users to start small and then expand at any rate needed
  • COMPREHENSIVE: ONMSi supports both P2P (Metro/Core/Access) & P2MP (PON) networks – all the way to the ONT
  • PROVEN: ONMSi has a strong track record with over 250 optical networks currently being monitored
  • FLEXIBLE: ONMSi is designed to be easily integrated within customer orgatization (web enabled application, multiple API, domains architecture)

MTS-5800 - Handheld Network Tester

The T-BERD/MTS-5800 is the industry’s smallest 10G handheld instrument supporting tests throughout the entire service life cycle including fiber characterization, service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

  • Simplifies multitechnology testing with an all-in-one dual-10 G handheld
  • Optimized for field use with a multitouch screen, scripted workflows, and clear results
  • Supports efficient best practices with repeatable methods and procedures
  • Speeds fiber characterization, Ethernet service activation, and troubleshooting tests
  • Empowers cell-site technicians to easily install and maintain back haul and front haul networks
  • Avoid costly and dangerous tower climbs

MTS 5800-100G

All-in-one handheld network and fiber testing

  • Simplifies multi-technology testing with an all-in-one dual-100 G handheld unit
  • Optimized for field use with a multitouch screen, scripted workflows, and clear pass/fail results
  • Supports efficient best practices with repeatable methods and procedures
  • Speeds up fiber optics testing, Ethernet service activation, and troubleshooting tests

PCT IL-RL test module MAP

Singlemode Insertion Loss / Return Loss test meter and fully EF-compliant multimode Insertion Loss test modules for use with the VIAVI advanced MAP-Series platform.

  • Increases production yield by a factor of 4
  • Requires only 25 percent of the space of other solutions
  • Enables expansion into new high-growth, high-performance applications, such as 40/100 G data center markets
  • Modular platform can scale as needs arise and budget allows
  • Port mapping verifies multifiber MPO cassette continuity and polarity in less than 15 seconds
  • Fully supports high-growth MPO and MTP multifiber connectors


SmartOTU is a standalone remote fiber test solution that can automatically detect and locate faults and monitor fiber networks.

  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair by locating fiber faults in minutes
  • Improve network security by quickly pinpointing any fiber intrusion
  • Avoid service disruptions by detecting any fiber degradation in advance
  • Improve service assurance and SLA contracts
  • Ready to deploy out of the box with no local PC or Server required

SmartOTU is the best solution to reduce cost of fiber optic monitoring! SmartOTU monitors both dark and lit fiber and it is ideal for network security protection.