True PON Tester OLP-88
  • True PON Tester OLP-88
  • True PON Tester OLP-88
  • True PON Tester OLP-88
  • True PON Tester OLP-88

True PON Tester Smartclass OLP-88

OLP-88 TruePON tester is an innovative tool using GPON data analysis technology.

  • Simple and user-friendly color touchscreen
  • Compact and lightweight instrument (<1kg)
  • Data storage of up to 10.000 test results
  • USB, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces 
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Patchcord microscope version and P5000i digital inspection probe compatibility

It is the ideal test unit for field technicians dealing with GPON network service activation and for support teams in charge of resolving service complaints and identifying the sources of issues.


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The OLP-88 TruePON tester is the first instrument in the market with test capabilities like OLT and ONU identification, ONT activation process verification, automatic PON power levels certification, in-service insertion loss test and Alien/Rogue ONUs detection.
Together with accurate downstream and upstream power level measurements the OLP-88 ensures more reliable PON tests and faster trouble shooting of network issues.
The built-in G-PON data analysis simplifies and speeds up installation workflows by automatically providing all necessary information about the system to the service technician.


  • GPON ONT activation process verification
  • OLT and ONT identification (serial number extraction)
  • PON signals automatic power level measurement and certification
  • In-service fiber plant qualification
  • Rogue ONUs or alien devices identification
  • Automated pass/fail fiber end-faces analysis


  • Ensures first time right GPON network acceptance 
  • Reduces workflow complexity during service activation 
  • Speeds-up on-site troubleshooting and facilitate service recovery
  • Drives user workflow and behavior to eliminate the issues caused by poor practices.

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