Goal of the training

Being able to splice and connect two multifibres cables following a telecom network deployment.

Whom is this training addressed to

To any person which principal mission is to implement fibre optics for installation or maintenance of fibre optic telecom network.

At the end of the training you will have 

  • Acquired the basic knowledge of how fibre optics are working.
  • Learned the specific vocabulary
  • Learned how to prepare and splice two fibre optic cables with a fusion splicer.
  • Learned the precaution to implement while handling a fibre optic cable.
  • Learned how to achieve a cable termination with « pre-connectorized pigtails »
  • Learned to put the heated splice protections inside the fibre patch panel


  • Reminder of the optic basic notions allowing to fully understand how fibre optics are working.
  • Definition of Multimode (MM) and Singlemode (SM) fibre optics.
  • Discovery of fibre optic cables and preparation before splicing it.
  • Constraint and organization of the work station.
  • Discovery of the different standards and performances associated with fiber optics.
  • Implementation of a fibre optic fusion splicer.
  • Fusion splice of two cables using a fusion splicer and fill the distribution patch panel with the heated splice protections.


No specific technical prerequisites are required for the trainee.

Duration of the training session

This program of a one day duration can be adapted in term of retained program, number of trainees, technic level wished at the end of the training.

Training place

Training sessions can be organized in ITOCHU France facilities in Paris or in the premises of the company requiring the training session in France or abroad (DOM-TOM, North African countries, Central Africa, West Africa...)

Technical means

  • Fujikura fusion splicer (70S, 22S or 12S following applications)
  • Necessary tools Fujikura, Miller, Jonard...
  • Splice protection boxes 3M, Nexans or Tyco
  • Itochu customized paper training courses