MicroFlow LOG blowing machine

MicroFlow LOG fiber blowing machine is designed to answer the FTTH network needs

  • Compatible with 0,8 to 6,5mm cable diameter 
  • Micro duct diameter 4 to 16mm
  • Preparation time : 5 min
  • Blowing distance : Upd to 2 500m
  • Blowing speed up to 90m/min
  • Electronic control unit
  • Electronic meter speed/counter with presetting of blowing distance
  • Adjustable motor torque load of fiber cable
  • Electronic protection technology to prevent damages to fiber cable

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Microflow LOG has a unique protection technology that stops the machine if the fiber cable meets an obstacle. The stop occurs because the cable gets bent inside the blowingmachine, this is registered by a sensor and the motor stops. The machine will also stop automatically if the motor exceeds the preset maximum torque level. In both cases the machine stops immediately so the fiber cable does not get damaged.
After the protection technology has stopped the machine, it will automatically start up again. It will try 3 times total to get through the obstacle, if it still has not succeeded it will come to a full stop.

Microflow’s control unit has a user friendly touch display, which can be used to make a number of different adjustments. You can adjust the maximum motor torque, the maximum speed, presetting of counter with automatic
stop after a certain blowing distance, adjsut acceleration - from start to maximum speed, adjust deceleration - from maximum speed to stop.

MicroFlow LOG

Data sheet

Type of use
Indoor FTTH network
Reachable blowing distance
up to 2,5 km
Compatible cable diameter
0,8 to 6,5 mm
Compatible tube diameter
4 to 16 mm
Retubing possibility
Dimensions (L x H xP)
Blowing machine 250 x 150 x 220 mm / Control unit 250 x 160 x 130 mm
13,5 kg
Power source
110 - 240 V

Specific References

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