40mm heat shrinkable protection sleeve
  • 40mm heat shrinkable protection sleeve

Visual Fault locator| VFL-1/10/20mW


The VFL-1mW series fault locators are high quality fault locators.
They contain the most advanced laser and microelectronic technology.

They can be connected to several types of connectors, including 2.5mm ferrules (FC, SC, ST) or 1.25mm ferrules with an additional adapter (LC, MU).

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* Designed for FC, SC and ST interfaces (LC optional)
* Long test distance depending on the version
* Highly reliable power output
* Low energy consumption
* Nanotechnology multi-static protection
* Robust
* "Pen" format, light, portable and easy to use

Available in different version :
  • VFL-1mW
  • VFL-10mW
  • VFL-20mW

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