90R Splicier ©FUJIKURA LTD.
  • 90R Splicier ©FUJIKURA LTD.
  • 90R Splicier ©FUJIKURA LTD.
  • 90R Splicier ©FUJIKURA LTD.

FUJIKURA 90R12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer

"Top of the range" fully automated fiber optic ribbon splicer with integrated heater, "clad to clad" alignment.

  • Fully automated heater and Wind protector
  • Splice up to 12 ribbon fibers in 11 seconds
  • Tube heating in 13 seconds
  • Bluetooth connectivity to control CT50 cleaver

The 90R12 is ideal for splicing ribbon cable in any conditions.

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Top of the range of Fujikura, the 90R12 ribbon splicer offers the best specifications for splicing ribbon fiber optic from 2 to 12 fibers, ensuring the best productivity for connecting strong capacity cable in the deployment of Telecom network.

Able to splice two fibers in only 11s, the 90R12 also complete thermal tube heating to protect the ribbon splice in a record time of 13 seconds.

90R12 ready to use package description

  • BTR-15 Battery pack (165 splices and tube heating fully loaded)
  • AC adapter ADC-20 and AC power cord
  • Additional spare of electrodes (1 500 arcs) ELCT2-16B
  • Hard Carrying case with integrated work station CC-39
  • Pair of ribbon fiber holder to select from 2 to 12 ribbon fibers FH-70
  • USB cable to communicate with PC (USB 2.0) USB-01
  • Cleaver Fujikura CT50

Data sheet

Ribbon fibers
Clad alignment
Splicing time
11 s
Heating time
13 s
Automated wind protector and tube heater
Number of splice per full battery charge
Electrodes lifetime
1500 arcs
2,6 kg
Dimensions (L x H x P)
170 x 173 x 150 mm
Typical insertion loss splicing G651
0,02 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G652
0,05 dB
0,08 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G656
0.05 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G657
0,05 dB

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