41S+ fusion splicer ©FUJIKURA LTD
  • 41S+ fusion splicer ©FUJIKURA LTD
  • 41S fusion splicer ©FUJIKURA LTD.

FUJIKURA 41S+ Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 41S+ is an enhanced Active V-groove splicer

  • Active Blade Management with Bluetooth capability connection
  • Active Fusion Control function to better estimate Core loss estimation
  • Fast splicing time 6sec
  • Touch panel with easy operation
  • Multi-functional carrying case with inte grated work station

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By using Bluetooth technology, the 41S+ wirelessly connects to the CT50 fibre cleaver and enables a range of pioneering features that will improve the overall installation time, cost and efficiency for operators.
The 41S+ also has the unique capability to estimate splice loss with greater accuracy, using a New Core Loss Estimation Function.

The 41S+ is the brand new splicing solution designed to be used on field for FTTx network deployment. The 41S+ can also be used to complete datacom, Data Centers and LAN network.

The 41S+ continue all the quality that makes the fame of Fujikura: performance, repeatability of splices, and field reliability. The 41S+ is light and operate with all the optical fiber used on networks (including G651, G652, G655, G657 fibers)

Fujikura 41S+ is associated with cleaver Fujikura CT50 or Fujikura CT08 (to be chosen)


Data sheet

FTTx, LAN, Data Center, Access Network
Enhanced Active V-groove (X,Y,Z alignment)
Splicing time
6 s
Heating time
25 s
Automated wind protector and tube heater
Number of splice per full battery charge
Electrodes lifetime
5000 arcs
1300 g
Dimensions (L x H x P)
131x 201 x79 mm
Typical insertion loss splicing G651
0,01 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G652
0,03 dB
0,05 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G655
0,05 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G656
0,03 dB
Typical insertion loss splicing G657
0,03 dB

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